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Intellectual property:

Site use shall confer no intellectual property rights whatsoever upon the user as regards site content, which shall remain the exclusive property of Luneau Technology Operations.
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It is, therefore, forbidden to reproduce, represent, broadcast, offer for sale, alter, grant, partially or in full, any item reproduced on the site and the site in general, partially or in full, without prior express permission from Luneau Technology Operations.
Any unlawful use of all or part of the site (pirating, infringement, etc.) may result in proceedings being brought, pursuant to current laws.
Links and hyperlinks:

You may set up a link between your own site and
Personal data:

Luneau Technology Operations may collect certain items of information relating to you that identify you by name. These personal details will be processed in accordance with current legislation. In particular:
- Information obtained by the data-processing manager, particularly names, forenames, addresses and telephone numbers provided by you, may be encoded in automated Luneau Technology Operations data files.
- These details may be utilised and processed by Luneau Technology Operations for the purposes of managing relationships with its web-surfers.
- Unless you have any objection, these details may also be used by Luneau Technology Operations and its partners for marketing, public relations and market research purposes.
- Individuals have the right to consult any personal details relating to them free of charge and to have them amended free of charge if they are found to be incorrect, incomplete or non-relevant. Persons wishing to exercise this right may do so either by sending a written, signed and dated request to Luneau Technology Operations SAS - 2 rue Roger Bonnet, 27340 Pont-de-l’Arche, France, accompanied by a two-sided copy of their identity card, or by using the «User profile» link at the foot of each newsletter sent to them by Luneau Technology Operations.
- Any person who so wishes may also obtain further information relating to legislation dealing with the protection of personal details from the “Commission pour la Protection de la Vie Privée”, avenue de la Porte de Hal, 5-8, 1060 Brussels 3.
Property and personal liability rights:

When you give your opinion under any of the headings at the Luneau Technology Operations site or if you provide any content, you are, in so doing, transferring all intellectual property rights relating thereto expressly and free of charge to Luneau Technology Operations and, particularly, the right to reproduce, represent, adapt, using any medium and in any format, whether currently known or not known, throughout the world and for as long as any present or future intellectual property may exist.
In publishing a message on the Luneau Technology Operations site, you undertake not to break the law and, particularly, not to defame or abuse, not to broadcast any content that is racist or that offends good morals, not to harass or threaten any person, nor to interfere with the natural rights of others, such as the right to privacy, image rights and the right to human dignity.
You and you alone shall be liable in connection with the content of your message and, as such, you shall protect Luneau Technology Operations against any proceedings and/or action that any person may seek to bring as a result of the fact that your message was broadcast on the Luneau Technology Operations site.
Luneau Technology Operations reserves the option of publishing or not publishing any message on its site, of altering it, of keeping it on line or of deleting it at any time, this without any obligation so to inform you in advance.
Applicable law - disputes:

The site shall be governed by Belgian law and the Courts with jurisdiction in the Brussels area shall, alone, be competent to rule in any disputes that may arise.