Luneau Technology
Luneau Technology

For more than 80 years, Luneau has been developing innovative products for the optics sector with as main goal to simplify the daily tasks of the professionals.
Moreover, Luneau is known in the ophthalmologic world for the quality of its service and the attention paid to the needs of their target group. Luneau has always preserved its know-how regarding the production of traditional instruments, but has resolutely evolved towards the creation of high technology machines. It provides you with control and diagnostic products for ophthalmologists.

Visionix Eye Refract

Visionix VX 40 

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VX130+ Diagnostic instrument
VX120+ Dry Eye Diagnostic instrument screening for the dry eye syndrome
VX120+ All in one diagnostic instrument
VX65 Digital refractor
VX40 Automatic lensmeter
VX22 Charts display


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