In the photography and ophthalmological field, Canon needs no
introduction! Canon has always pioneered retinal digital imaging and
offers a very large assortment of diagnose material. Choose the
equipement that best meets YOUR needs in the models available. Discover
what user-friendly really means! Yes they really thought about every
single detail!

Discover our products:

Fluo Mydriatic color Camera, red-free et n&b. Full DICOM
CX-1 Fluo Mydriatic & non Mydriatic color Camera, red-free, n&b, cobalt et FAF. full DICOM
CR-2 AF Non Mydriatic Retinal Camera
CR-2 + AF Non Mydriatic color Retinal cameracouleurs with FAF, autofocus. full DICOM
OCT-HS100 High resolution OCT with fast scanning, full DICOM. Now with Angiography software. Also in vidéo.
RK-F2 Full Auto ref-Keratometer
TX-20P Non-contact Full auto Tonometer & Pachymeter

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